Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Welcome to Savanna Sunset Resort, a place of untamed wilderness full of secluded splendor. The place is commonly known as Ololosokuan and has panoramic views. The nature trails are marvelous offering a scenic and yet hard terrain and completion of the circuit offers one a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.
Our food is Excellent prepared by the qualified Savanna Chefs and our services are unmatchable. The Nyama Choma, Fry, Bone Soup, Chicken, Ugali, Kienyeji, Chips etc, are served to the clients’ satisfaction. Accommodation is fantastic as evidenced by the satisfied clients’ remarks. We have Executive Cottages, Comfy Tents (2 Man, 4 Man, 6 Man etc) and we offer Conference Facilities. Moreover, for corporate bodies we have skilled facilitators providing outstanding Team Building services.
It’s near the city and the only “home away from home” facility offering excellent services to the south of Nairobi. Ololosokuan has cool, evergreen surroundings and has an abundance of different bird species and wild animals. The Turracco, Superb Starling, Common Bulbul, African Pied Wagtail, Impalas, amongst others are in plenty. Other wild animals like; Baboons, Rock Hyrax, are in abundance.
For physical fitness, Savanna Sunset Resort or Ololosokuan has a Picturesque Nature Trail which takes approximately 1hour and 15minutes to go round. It’s all the way up to the beautiful river “Ololosokuan” with less water due to Climate Change! The river bed is quite scenic and guys will get a splendid opportunity to take memorable photos. The rocks are a spectacular sight to behold and offer a perfect peak performance Challenge!
In the Evenings, young Maasai Warriors will provide entertainment with a rich display of their cultural heritage. The place is elevated giving the visitors a superb opportunity to view the beautiful Sunset with a cool Breeze as guys enjoy their drinks. In addition to this, you will get Mouth Watering Fry Meat and Nyama Choma over a Mesmerizing Bonfire as you heartily enjoy yourself.

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