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Three Days – Two Nights
6th – 8th Aug, 2010
Welcome to a Grandeur and breath taking tour!!
Day One: We meet at 5:00pm at the Green Corner (opposite Kencom) and warm up to the wonderful tour ahead. We will depart at 5:15pm. On the way, we will have a stopover (by the road) at the Pre-Historic site known as Olorgesaille which is famous for the remains of Homo Habilis – the man with Ability.
We will pass by the well known Lake Magadi (the Salt Lake) and make a stopover. The Lake is home to Thousands of stunning Flamingoes.
At around 9:15 pm, the famous Ewaso Nyiro River will welcome us with the cool evergreen surroundings. With our skilful driver, we will arrive at Entasopia - the footsteps of Nguruman escarpment at around 9:15pm and in time for the beautiful Moonlight. Dinner and overnight at the Cool Waters Camp. We will provide Tents and Sleeping Bags and we will camp besides the tranquil Ewaso Nyiro River perfect for fishing during the day.

Day Two: Breakfast at 8 am. This will be followed by 30minutes team dynamics session to bring harmony in the team. After the Team Dynamics, we will start our Nature Trail/ Hike up the famous Loita Hills which forms a Cardinal Part of the Maasai Mara Ecosystem. The escarpment has an abundance of different bird species and wild animals.
The Turracco, Superb Starling, Common Bulbul, African Pied Wagtail, Colobus Monkeys, Impalas, amongst others are in plenty. Nguruman Escarpment and the Loita Hills are in the Nemengineyo Forest; meaning the forest of the lost Girl. History has it that, a young Maasai Girl went up the Forest to collect firewood never to come back!!

The hike is refreshing and is purposed to bring us intimately closer to nature. We will explore the Loita Hills all the way up to the beautiful waterfalls. It’s so picturesque and guys will get a splendid opportunity to take memorable photos. The waterfalls are a spectacular sight to behold!
On one particular visit, a tourist on seeing the Loita Falls reiterated Dr. Livingstone’s remarks when he first saw the Victoria Falls in Zambia; “Scenes so Lovely, must have been gazed upon by Angels on their Flight”. Loita Hills is untamed wilderness and the wildlife flourishes in its splendor. At 4pm we will begin our descent as we take more scenic photos.
In the Evening, we will have a Goat Barbeque Party (Nyama Choma) over a Mesmerizing Bonfire as Guys heartily enjoy themselves. The young Maasai Warriors in Entasopia will provide entertainment with a rich display of their cultural heritage. Dinner and overnight at the Cool Waters Camp.

Day Three: Breakfast will be as from 8 – 9 am. This will be followed by 30minutes of team bonding games that will leave you excited. After this, we shall proceed to the Shompole conservancy for a game drive where we will have a chance to watch the wild animals like; Lions, Leopard, Hyenas, Buffalos, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Baboons, Zebras, Thomson’s Gazelle, Grants Gazelle, Elephants, Ostrich, Dik diks, Porcupine and various birds’ species including the Turaco, Sparrow, Bush Petronia, Superb Starling amongst others.

After the game drive, we will take an early lunch at 12pm. At 1pm we will depart in line with more adventures ahead. Enroute we will visit the hot springs at Lake Magadi, where we will have enough time for a natural Jacuzzi of hot water with healing properties.
This is a cool site and guys can relax their body and soul. It is mythical that the warm waters have a healing effect and acts as a body lotion.
After this, we proceed on and pass by Lake Magadi which has a high profusion of Flamingoes. We will have a stopover at Flamingo Hotel in Magadi town for 15minutes to refresh ourselves, then at 5pm we depart for Nairobi with Excellent Memories to Cherish for a Lifetime.

Things to Carry:
Walking or Sports Shoes, Light Clothing and Swimming Costumes
Camera / Binoculars
Drinking Water
Personal Effects, Drinks and Pocket Money

Ksh. 3,850 per person.

Contact Persons LEONARD NDUNGU 0724 327 639
“Discover the Elegance of Kenyan Spectacular Wildlife with Quality Fun”

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