Friday, 15 May 2009



The place is agricultural productive with many springs of fresh water flowing freely throughout the year from the neighboring escarpment. The community is composed of pastoralists and farmers. Although it’s within the heart of Maasai community the place is a cosmopolitan town. The weather condition is hot with cool fresh air. One can experience cool breeze in the evening hours. The place is peaceful and the locals provide great hospitality. There are plenty of wild animals for those who like game viewing the big four included . There are thousands of different bird’s species this creates very good scenery for bird watching. There are lovely picnic and camping sites where you can have barbecues and host bush parties along river banks.


Nguruman (Entasopia) is approximately 158 km from Nairobi. One coming from Nairobi can either use Ngong or Ongata Rongai road to Magadi driving down Ngong hills there is a an excellent scenario of the great Rift-Valley depression which is a great landscape. The first 120 km from Nairobi to Magadi is on a tarmac road and the remaining 38km to Nguruman is on a rough road.

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  1. I am so delighted for visiting Nguruman, I am just from a water chilling session with my pals in Loita escarpments and i have never spent such a nice time in cool crystal clear spring waters.i loved every moment keep it up Leonard and Nguruman commmunity....


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